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Dirk Grunwald


I'm an associate professor at the University of Colorado, in the Department of Computer Science. I work in the area of computer systems, broadly defined. This includes Computer Architecture, Operating systems, mobile & wireless and whatever else I feel like (ahh... the joys of tenure).

Dirk Grunwald
Department of Computer Science
Campus Box 430
ECOT 7-31
University of Colorado, Boulder
Boulder, Colorado
Phone: (720) 310-5432
Fax: (303) 492-2844

Office Hours for Fall 2010

Tuesday, 2:00-3:15
Wednesday, 12:00-1:00
Friday: 11:00-12:00


In Fall 2006, I'll be teaching CSCI 1300 majors. You can find more course information at the course page . Access to the CSCI 1300 pages requires a password. If you're enrolled for the class, please contact either me or one of the TA's for the class and they will provide access.

For a list of prior courses & information, see the link for previous classes


My research spans several areas in computer systems. I currently am supervising projects in four areas:

  • Software defined radio, with an emphasis on protocols for directional antennas
  • How reconfigurable computing can be integrated with general purpose CPU's
  • How on-line profile information can improve O/S scheduling in multi-threaded and heterogeneous processors.
  • Content-directed storage and MAID architectures

These projects are described in more detail in my research project page.


I've had the pleasure to work with a number of excellent Ph.D., M.S. and BS students on various research projects.

Current Students I work with

This is a list of current students I either work with or whose thesis I supervise or co-supervise. In each case, these are students that I pay from current grants.

  • Jeff Fifield (Ph.D., networking & architecture)
  • Joseph Bloemstadt (Ph.D., networking & architecture)
  • Dan Fay (Ph.D.,realtime / CPS)
  • Eric Anderson (Ph.D. - wireless networks)
  • Gary Yee (Ph.D. - wireless networks)
  • Caleb Phillips (Ph.D. - wireless networks)
  • Dola Saha (Ph.D. - wireless networks)
  • Aveek Dutta (Ph.D. - reconfigurable radio platforms)

Former Students

  • Damon McCoy (Ph.D., Computer Security / Privacy, headed to UCSD w/Savage)
  • Tipp Moseley (Ph.D., architecture, headed to Google)
  • Robert McTasney (Ph.D. (ECE) - software defined radio, Faculty at Westpoint)
  • Anmol Sheth (Ph.D. - wireless networks -- Rick Han was Ph.D. advisor, I just worked with him, Intel Research)
  • Paul Kasemir (Undergrad - wireless networks)
  • Michael Buettner (M.S. - wireless networks, pursuing Ph.D. at Washington)
  • Graham Schelle (Ph.D., Currently MTS Intel)
  • Brad Morrey (PhD 2006, Hewlett Packard Labs)
  • Nels Anderson (BS, REU student, pursuing Ph.D. at UBC Vancouver)
  • Michael Neufeld, PhD 2004 (Currently MTS BBN)
  • Marco Gruteser, PhD 2004 (Currently Asst. Prof, Rutgers)
  • Soraya Ghiasi, PhD 2004 (Currently at IBM Research, Austin)
  • Ashish Jain, MS 2004 (Not certain what he's doing)
  • Graham Schelle, MS 2004 (Continuing in PhD program)
  • Robert Cooksey, PhD 2001, (Currently at Intel, Portland OR)
  • Audun Tornquist, MS 2001, (Not certain what he's doing)
  • Donald Lindsay, PhD 2000, (Currently at Cisco)
  • Artur Klauser, PhD 1999, (Currently at Google)
  • Carlos Maltzhan. PhD 1999, (Currently at UCSD as Research Faculty)
  • Bobbie Manne, Ph.D., 1998 (Currently at AMD, Portalnd)
  • Anshu Aggarwal, Ph.D., 1998 (Currently at startup).
  • Suvas Vajracharya, Ph.D. 1997 (Currently CEO of startup)
  • Eric Borch, MS, 1997 (I think he's at AMD, Ft. Collins)
  • Douglas Joseph, Ph.D. 1996 (Currently Member of Technical Stafff, IBM T. J. Watson Research Lab)
  • Bradley Calder, PhD. 1995, (Full Prof, UCSD now at Microsoft).
  • Harini Srivinasan, PhD 1994 (Currently Member of Technical Stafff, IBM T. J. Watson Research Lab
  • Mark Streich, MS 1992 (No current information)