Current Students


  • Caleb Phillips (Ph.D. – wireless networks)
  • Dola Saha (Ph.D. – wireless networks)
  • Aveek Dutta (Ph.D. – reconfigurable radio platforms)
  • Chenyu Zheng (Ph.D. – biologically inspired algorithms for networking)
  • Sears Merritt (Ph.D. – next-gen networking protocols)


  • Joseph Bloemstadt (Ph.D. – architecture & compilers)
  • Dan Fay (Ph.D. – realtime / CPS)

Ubiquitous Computing

  • Mike Gartrell (Ph.D. – ubiquitous computing and social nets)
  • Junho Ahn (Ph.D. – ubiquitous computing and social nets)
  • Mohammad Al-Mutawa (Ph.D. – pervasive distributed computing)


  • Harold Gonzales (Ph.D. – filesystems and security)
  • Chris Wailes (Ph.D. – parallel programming languages)
  • Rhonda Hoenigman (Ph.D. – agent based optimization)


  • Aaron Beach (Ph.D. – anonymity in social networks, now at NREL)
  • Kevin Bauer (Ph.D., anonymity networks, now at University of Waterloo)
  • Eric Anderson (Ph.D. – wireless networks, now at CMU)
  • Gary Yee (Ph.D. – wireless networks, now at Penguin Computing)
  • Tipp Moseley (Ph.D. – compiler optimization, now at Intel Research)
  • Graham Schelle (Ph.D. – architecture, now at Intel Research)
  • Christian Doerr (Ph.D. – cognitive radio networks, now at TU Delft, The Netherlands)
  • Todd Mytkowicz (Ph.D. – complexity and performance analysis, now at Microsoft Research)
  • Damon McCoy (Ph.D. – wireless security and privacy, now at UCSD)
  • Anmol Sheth (Ph.D. – wireless networks, now at Intel Research-Seattle)
  • Brian Shucker (Ph.D. – scalable systems of distributed robots, now at MIT Lincoln Labs)
  • Brad Morrey (PhD 2006, Hewlett Packard Labs)
  • Nels Anderson (BS, REU student, pursuing Ph.D. at UBC Vancouver)
  • Michael Neufeld, PhD 2004 (Currently MTS Akami)
  • Marco Gruteser, PhD 2004 (Currently Asst. Prof, Rutgers)
  • Soraya Ghiasi, PhD 2004 (Currently at IBM Research, Austin)
  • Ashish Jain, MS 2004 (Not certain what he’s doing)
  • Graham Schelle, MS 2004 (Continuing in PhD program)
  • Robert Cooksey, PhD 2001, (Currently at Intel, Portland OR)
  • Audun Tornquist, MS 2001, (Not certain what he’s doing)
  • Donald Lindsay, PhD 2000, (Currently at Cisco)
  • Artur Klauser, PhD 1999, (Currently at Google)
  • Carlos Maltzhan. PhD 1999, (Currently at UCSD as Research Faculty)
  • Bobbie Manne, Ph.D., 1998 (Currently at AMD, Portalnd)
  • Anshu Aggarwal, Ph.D., 1998 (Currently at startup).
  • Suvas Vajracharya, Ph.D. 1997 (Currently CEO of startup)
  • Eric Borch, MS, 1997 (I think he’s at AMD, Ft. Collins)
  • Douglas Joseph, Ph.D. 1996 (Currently Member of Technical Stafff, IBM T. J. Watson Research Lab)
  • Bradley Calder, PhD. 1995, (Full Prof, UCSD now at Microsoft).
  • Harini Srivinasan, PhD 1994 (Currently Member of Technical Stafff, IBM T. J. Watson Research Lab
  • Mark Streich, MS 1992 (No current information)