Mobile & Sensing

Mobile Computing

Mobile computing is rapidly transforming the world in which we live, with the advent of iPhones, iPads, tablet computers, and Android smartphones.  At CU, we’re working on a variety of innovative projects in this space.

SocialFusionIn the SocialFusion Project, we are fusing together sensor, social network, and mobile contextual information in order to build a new generation of sophisticated context-aware applications, part of the vision of Mark Weiser’s ubiquitous computing.  We have been investigating the role that mobile social networks will play in this vision.  New applications will emerge that can adapt for example a music jukebox to play music that you like when you walk into a room, or adapt a video screen to automatically play content that is suited to your tastes as you walk by a video kiosk or wall display.  This will be possible because we will have built the cloud infrastructure and services that will recognize and combine your location (via your mobile phone) with your own interests (your profile on a social network like Facebook).  Security and privacy issues abound in this project, so we are investigating the tradeoff between personalization and privacy.

in the WildSense Project, we are currently conducting interdisciplinary research on wireless sensor networks (WSNs).  In this project, we’re building a WSN for deployment on wild mule deer.  The objective is to obtain contact information from among deer so that ecologists can study the rate of disease propagation among the wild deer.  Current approaches that equip deer with GPS collars are quite expensive and the delay in information retrieval is on the order of months.  We are deploying a delay tolerant network (DTN) on the deer, whereby each deer will be equipped with a small inexpensive sensor node collar, and meetings between deer will be detected and relayed out of the wilderness using a multi-hop wireless routing network that uses the deer themselves as physical routers.  We are collaborating with the Department of Ecology at Colorado State University on this research.



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