September 01, 2020

Spectrum Initiative Institute Planning

The University of Colorado was awarded a planning grant for the National Spectrum Initiative Institute. The NSF SII will be a multi-year center that focuses on access to spectrum for wireless systems and science uses of that spectrum such as radio-astronomy adn earth observation. The SII-Center will serve as a focal point for sustained spectrum research in the most challenging areas that are expected to create advanced wireless technologies and systems that benefit society, of which 5G and future cellular networks are an example. The SII-Center is also expected to educate and develop an agile workforce needed to support industries of the future which will rely heavily on wireless technologies and will require new advanced and automated spectrum management techniques. NSF’s goal is to promote transformative use and management of the electromagnetic spectrum, with resulting profound benefits for science and engineering, industry, and other national interests.

During the planning process, faculty at CU will be working with the wireless, spectrum and science community to define a research agenda in spectrum coexistance, new radio and antenna devices and management frameworks to allow coexistance with science and space applications.