Dirk Grunwald

Dirk Grunwald is Professor at the University of Colorado at Boulder, in the Department of Computer Science in 1989 and had been a member of the faculty of the Department of Computer Science at the University of Colorado since that.

Dr. Grunwald holds joint appointments in the Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering and the Interdisciplinary Telecommunications Program.

Dr. Grunwald is also the Faculty Director of the online Post-Baccalaureate degree in Computer Science.

Research Area

I work in the area of computer systems, broadly defined. This includes network, wireless networking, computer architecture as well as privacy and analysis of data sets. Previously, I have been involved in high performance computing and storage systems. I’m also interested in and publish on technology policy, particularly Internet and wireless policy.


Google does a better job of keeping track of my publications, citations and the like than I ever did.

Former Students

I’ve worked with a fantastic collection of Ph.D., M.S. and undergraduate students over the years.

Current Students

This is a list of current students I either work with or whose thesis I supervise or co-supervise.

  • Eric Goodman (Ph.D. – scalable graph query systems)
  • Max Hollingsworth (Ph.D. - wireless and mobile sytems)
  • Liu Zhang (Ph.D. - Storage)

Former Students

  • Andy Sayler (Ph.D. – network security)
  • Dola Saha (Ph.D. 2013 – wireless networks) – Member Technical Staff, NEC Labs, Princeton
  • Aveek Dutta (Ph.D. 2013 – reconfigurable radio platforms) – Currently Postdoc at Princeton
  • Jeff Fifield (Ph.D. 2012 , networking & architecture) – Xilinx Research
  • Joseph Bloemstadt (Ph.D., networking & architecture)
  • Dan Fay (Ph.D.2012 ,realtime / CPS) – Sandia National Labs
  • Caleb Phillips (Ph.D. 2013 – wireless networks)
  • Kevin Bauer (PhD. 2011 – anonymity networks, currently at University of Waterloo on a postdoc)
  • Eric Anderson (Ph.D. 2011 – wireless networks, currently at CMU on a postdoc)
  • Gary Yee (Ph.D. 2010 – wireless networks)
  • Damon McCoy (Ph.D., Computer Security / Privacy, headed to UCSD w/Savage)
  • Tipp Moseley (Ph.D., architecture, headed to Google)
  • Robert McTasney (Ph.D. (ECE) – software defined radio, Faculty at Westpoint)
  • Anmol Sheth (Ph.D. – wireless networks — Rick Han was Ph.D. advisor, I just worked with him, Intel Research)
  • Paul Kasemir (Undergrad – wireless networks)
  • Michael Buettner (M.S. – wireless networks, pursuing Ph.D. at Washington)
  • Graham Schelle (Ph.D., Currently MTS Intel)
  • Brad Morrey (PhD 2006, Hewlett Packard Labs)
  • Nels Anderson (BS, REU student, pursuing Ph.D. at UBC Vancouver)
  • Michael Neufeld, PhD 2004 (Currently MTS BBN)
  • Marco Gruteser, PhD 2004 (Currently Asst. Prof, Rutgers)
  • Soraya Ghiasi, PhD 2004 (Currently at IBM Research, Austin)
  • Ashish Jain, MS 2004 (Not certain what he’s doing)
  • Graham Schelle, MS 2004 (Continuing in PhD program)
  • Robert Cooksey, PhD 2001, (Currently at Intel, Portland OR)
  • Audun Tornquist, MS 2001, (Not certain what he’s doing)
  • Donald Lindsay, PhD 2000, (Currently at Cisco)
  • Artur Klauser, PhD 1999, (Currently at Google)
  • Carlos Maltzhan. PhD 1999, (Currently at UCSD as Research Faculty)
  • Bobbie Manne, Ph.D., 1998 (Currently at AMD, Portalnd)
  • Anshu Aggarwal, Ph.D., 1998 (Currently at startup).
  • Suvas Vajracharya, Ph.D. 1997 (Currently CEO of startup)
  • Eric Borch, MS, 1997 (I think he’s at AMD, Ft. Collins)
  • Douglas Joseph, Ph.D. 1996 (Currently Member of Technical Stafff, IBM T. J. Watson Research Lab)
  • Bradley Calder, PhD. 1995, (Full Prof, UCSD now at Microsoft).
  • Harini Srivinasan, PhD 1994 (Currently Member of Technical Stafff, IBM T. J. Watson Research Lab
  • Mark Streich, MS 1992 (No current information)